Do You Know Who Your Ancestors are?

Do you want to know more about your family's history, but simply don't have the time or ability to research it yourself? If you are curious about who your ancestors were and what places and events shaped their lives, then you have definitely come to the right place. Genealogy research can help you learn your family's unique history, traditions, their overseas origins, medical history, and the contributions toward the creation of your life. Whether you have a large research project (several generations to find), or a small ‘look-up’ project, I’m here to help make the whole process easier for you. With many years’ experience, you can trust that I’ll not only get the job done right, but swiftly and best of all, it won’t break your bank. So, if you’re starting on that often difficult task of finding your family members, put me to work for you and watch your family tree grow



I have been doing genealogical research for over 13yrs. I am Co-admin and head archivist for (online genealogy community) for the past 3yrs. I am also list owner to Native American Family Research
in yahoo groups since 2002.


LDS family research center in Jacksonville Arkansas for 2yrs


Research Resources:

County Genealogical and Historical Societies:
Cemetery records, family files, obituaries, county histories & funeral home records

On site record research

Census extraction through 1930

Garland County, AR public library

Arkansas State Library



No hidden charges, no finder fees, just a simple Flat rate.


$50 for services rendered in finding your family members, including:


Research • Analysis • Documenting • Reporting


You will also be asked to cover necessary out-of-pocket expenses incurred.  This includes (but is not limited to) expenses such as:

· Certificate Fees

· Photocopies

· Postage

· Parking

· Film Rental Fees

· Travel Time & Costs

These expenses are charged at actual cost. Mileage is charged at the Federal Mileage Rate and travel time at a reduced research rate.


**New Clients:  Please be aware that a retainer of 50% of the total amount authorized is required of new clients prior to beginning any project.  An invoice for the remaining balance (including research, fees and expenses) will be sent once the project is completed (or authorized amount met).  Your research report and documentation will be sent to you upon receipt of payment-in-full.

Contact Info:

Eunice Robison
344 Perkins Place 
Bonnerdale, AR 71933

phone: (870) 334-2907